johnny apocolypse

by Bango Vesecky



johnny apocalypse
loose lips and sinking ships
everyone knows that it's the end
some of us realized
the rest were just hypnotized
the devil arrived with the smile of a friend

and he led you out to a place in the woods
where he held you down for the men wearin’ hoods
and he made you believe it was for your own good
all your suffering

johnny apocalypse
half truths and bullshit quips
everyone’s fallen for this behavior
some of us realized
the rest were just traumatized
as the devil arrived in disguise of a savior

and he strung you up by the scruff of your neck
and he skinned you alive but demanded respect
and he laughed all the way to the banks of regret
to deposit all your suffering

johnny apocalypse
with an army of lunatics
and the time and the terror of terrible tools to persuade you
they'll be peace in the valley now
corpses to tally now
as you turn to the fool that the king of all fools finally made you...
and ask yourself how it all came to this
and you’ll wonder out loud what it was that you missed
when you look in the eyes and you see the abyss
deep in the heart of johnny apocalypse


released February 11, 2017
Written by; Frank Bango & Richy Vesecky
Recorded by Frank Bango




Frank Bango New York, New York

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