The Sweet Songs of Decay

by Frank Bango



Recorded mostly in NY at Jack McKeever’s Maid’s Room Studio, in Frank’s NYC apartment, and in Hoboken NJ. Frank produced the record with help from numerous friends and allies including Sean Eden (Luna), Steve Calhoun (Enon), Jane Scarpantoni, Joan Wasser, Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), Jeremy Chatsky and his longtime band The Magic Fingers. the record was mixed by Pete Min and Ed Stasium (Talking Heads, Ramones, Smithereens, among countless others).

incorporating Bango's keen sense of melody and collaborator Richy Vesecky's knack with words. Listen closely and the album's golden pop exterior reveals darker undertones – undertones which its composers don't consider dark at all.
The original idea behind thet release was to make an adult album for children, but in the end it turned out to be more of a children's album for adults. The consistent moral to the 12 songs contained within plays with the illusion that there is a season to everything —therefore everything must be embraced and enjoyed to its fullest while we're here. It is a celebration of the mystery that ties all living things together.  Everything that is, was once something else, and will, in time, be something else again. 
 In an elegant example of life imitating art, on the day following the final mastering of the album, Bango was diagnosed with cancer.
With his illness, Frank was given an opportunity to practice first hand some of the positive offerings of The Sweet Songs of Decay. He lives sincerely in New York.

“Bango… has melody and wordplay worthy of Elvis Costello -– and a romantic whimsy Costello couldn’t touch.”

Bango and The Magic Fingers wore actual blazers.
Could it be they were tipping their caps to a time when musicians dressed for the show? Perhaps, more optimistically, they are a sign of the future.
The Deli Magazine

“one of the best albums of this decade in any genre….The Sweet Songs of Decay is flat-out brilliant. It’s sparse, but cuts right to the heart of pain, love, loss, and life in general. This is an absolute must-hear for anyone who loves well-written songs that last for generations.
INK 19

“If there winds up being three pop albums better than this in 2008, then the music industry will be a blessed place – because those would have to be three damn fine albums. Frank Bango’s put together an engaging set of tunes that only gets better with every listen – so much better, in fact, that The Sweet Songs of Decay’s got to be a front-runner on the short list for best album of 2008 thus far. “
Delusions of Adequacy

…praise for Bango for producing “some of the best and most original pop music that almost no one has ever heard” initially appeared as a hyperbole to me, but The Sweet of Songs of Decay proves to make the statement startlingly accurate…
Obscure Sound.

Sure to end up on this writer’s short list of ’08 pop “must-haves,” …a pop album for the ages.
John Borack-

one of the best records released this year and this is no small praise…(The Sweet Songs of Decay is)perhaps the ultimate bittersweet album.
A Cloud of Starlings

why the heck isn’t this guy a star…
Lee Zimmerman

“I Saw the Size of the World” is the best song about a worm that I’ve heard since Guided By Voices’ “Wormhole”….Excellent release”
The Chickenfish Speaks


released March 22, 2008

Produced By Frank Bango
Mixed by Ed Stasium & Pete Min
All Songs Written By Frank Bango/Richy Vesecky


all rights reserved



Frank Bango New York, New York

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