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There was a crazy homeless old man
his leg eaten up by gangrene
and a pretty young girl who went into labor
she couldn't have been more than 15
we had a gas leak, the same thing as last week
the kids overcome by the fumes
so now we're spending Christmas Eve
in the emergency room...

We saw a guy who was stabbed by his girlfriend
the wound needed 54 stitches
an off duty cop, drunk and strapped to a gurney
he called all the nurses "dumb bitches"
next to a baby allergic to something
his mother wore too much perfume
all together on Christmas Eve in the emergency room

a small string of lights
hung dull and lifeless
on a bulletin board
where you're urged to get flu shots
a small gift for have nots
who come for what they can't afford
or maybe to worship the lord...

just like the woman who slit both her wrists
the attendant who stayed by her side
holding what was left of her hand
til the moment she died
then she sang "Jesus knows us' and that's why he chose us
to gather together neath this silver moon
to spend a lovely Christmas Eve...
in the emergency room


from Christmas In bed With My Baby EP, track released December 9, 2015
Written By Frank Bango/Richy Vesecky
Recorded at home December 2015


all rights reserved



Frank Bango New York, New York

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